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BLP Film Studios 

Memphis, TN, USA

A turnkey facility that offers world class resources and localized human capital for the production of film, television, and streaming content, BLP Film Studios is the second-largest Black-owned film studio in the United States.

Black tie corporate group portraits


Joy Rahat Branding takes great pleasure in telling the story of the company that makes a living telling the stories of others. Let’s go behind the scenes and take a peak at the 2nd largest Black Owned media companies in the USA.

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, BLP Film Studios was beginning the process of positioning itself as the newest national hub for entertainment production and filmmaking in the modern age. During the COVID pandemic, the founders discovered opportunity, and gave themselves the time necessary to construct sprawling studio space, solidify the already close ties with their community, build a roster of local industry professionals, and ensure that all the pieces were in place for when film production started again in earnest. There was a dearth of new content, and BLP wanted to be at the forefront of the Renaissance, with all the tools necessary to attract small, independent productions, as well giants like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Sony, and more. 

Their web and marketing presence, however, was underwhelming, and failed to tell the story of a vibrant, driven, and entrepreneurial group of diverse professionals from across the creative spectrum. They wanted a cohesive presence that was polished, but approachable; forward-thinking, but showing the soul of the place they called home: Memphis.


We quickly discovered that the BLP brand wasn’t only about the company — it was about the city of Memphis, too. The message of “Memphis-Based—Global Reach” became clear early on, during the first of our on-location meetings, where our creative staff asked the right questions, in the right order. For the client, this two-hour meeting gave them the chance to share their story, their philosophy, and their goal. And, it gave us all of the information we needed to craft content — words, imagery, website structure, marketing strategy, social and professional media presence — that was uniquely tailored to their desires. 

We then dedicated an entire day to a photoshoot with the heads of BLP, and were able to walk away with a full package of timeless, modern imagery that will serve the client’s marketing purposes for years to come.




BLP Film Studios is more than brick-and-mortar. It’s about its people, and its city. For the design of the website, we instilled a bit of film industry glitz and a solid visual impression of Memphis personality, while still ensuring that the content was digestible and accessible for film executives and production managers. Meanwhile, human resource is a heart  of BLP; we established an About Us  section with incredible photographs of the key players, along with brief, personality-centered bios that seek to start conversation through custom-crafted icebreaker questions that showcase each member’s distinct contributions. 

Finally, we worked closely with the client to ensure that their online presence was unified, from LinkedIn, to social media, to SEO (we even took care of the business cards). In the end, we were able to not only deliver a stunning custom project — we also created a trusting, ongoing relationship that is resulting in ongoing joint collaborations.


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