01/What We Did

Brand positioning
Branding photography
Wardrobe styling
Pro hair & makeup
Press kit
Website design
Website coding
Graphic design


Springfield, VA 


Philanthropist | Veteran Advocate | Innovator |

President and CEO of Strategy and Management Services, Inc. SAMS

03/The Challenge

Staci L. Redmon is the President and CEO of Strategy and Management Services, Inc. (SAMS), a company she founded in 2008. SAMS is one of the nation’s most successful and fastest-growing veteran-owned, women-led companies.

Staci is a highly involved leader known for her many roles as a philanthropist, veteran advocate, innovator, and of course, a dynamic CEO at SAMS. Working with a multi-faceted powerhouse like Staci requires we capture the essence of her persona, as well as the breadth of her community activities. We felt it necessary to share this information about, Staci which was not portrayed on her company’s website, as it may have steered the corporate target audience into too many different directions.

04/The Process

We have separated all information related to Staci’s community work from her company’s website. We registered her branded domain name, and built a brand-new site dedicated to her philanthropy and veteran advocate activities. We updated all of her visuals, and created a library of magazine-quality images for her brand marketing. To achieve this, we included a wardrobe styling session, professional hair and makeup, and a guided portraits session for the most flattering look. Then, we artfully edited and retouched the finished product.




The Solution

Now we have a self-standing new platform entirely dedicated to her persona. One of the exciting components of the website is an area we call: Redmon’s Rules, where Staci herself shares her weekly rules and tips on leadership, management, business growth, and strategy. We made these rules interactive and instantly shareable to any social media platform. This feature avoids needing her to copy and paste, or to create new posts each time. The automated process gives freedom to her readers to share too.

Another valuable addition is the Press Kit section, which boasts instantly downloadable options of Staci’s ‘up to date’ short and full bios with her professional headshots and branding portraits. It is noteworthy that we have provided both horizontal and vertical variations to best suit different styles. She now no longer needs to reply by attaching and emailing her bio and professional portraits each time for requests; instead, she can direct persons to her new website.

Lastly, small touches on the Contact Form like “Let’s connect and talk about BIG ideas and INNOVATIONS!” gives a personal touch and sets an inviting tone to her visitors.





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