01/ I am celebrating everybody who has impacted my life.

02/Choose Growth

Be yourself is a terrible advice.

How you can be yourself when you do not know what is being thyself.
But if a person really isn’t clear who they are more importantly who they re not. That is actually really difficult and impossible.

Once you are clear who you want to be that is where all starts.

This is self discovery topic about my milestone.

Choose growth…

03/A story behind

This portrait may be just a pretty cover image to you, and if you think it is then thank you. But it has a story behind it and it is my story, or at least my story so far.



04/The value of celebrating us!

The most challenging times can bring us the most empowering lessons, if we are wise enough to learn from them.

In some cultures, you never learn to show vulnerability, you are taught to show only strength, confidence and power displaying  little or no emotion at all.

Not everything in life is as picture perfect as it may appear. In reality, it is the precious behind the scenes work that makes all of the difference. The power of learning from others and sharing stories not only when we are happy but also when we are vulnerable too.

Today, I am celebrating everybody, who has impacted my life.

I am thanking the people who shaped me, the friends who are not afraid to tell me the truth and give me tough love. Ones who built me up when I was low and who taught me humility, when I was feeling far too high.

Ones who saw me at my worse and stood by me with support and not judgement.

The ones who held my tears and who encouraged my laughter. Those who cheered me on when I could not find my own voice.

The ones who stood behind me to help hold me up, and those who went ahead of me to help to pull me along.

The ones who made me work harder and challenged me to new levels.

The one who taught me about shifting perspectives to find the right balance.

I am celebrating, acknowledging and thanking all of my amazing friends and clients (both branding and beauty genres) who share the value of celebrating us!  

Cheers to new journeys and existing opportunities.


I am Joy but not just that, thanks to you, I am joyful.


The best project you will ever work on is YOU.