Embrace the Temporary Boredom

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The greatest gift you’re receiving right now is the opportunity to work on your business more than in it.

I hope everyone is staying positive and being creative these days.

I would like to share some business tips in the hope you all can take great advantage of this downtime to work wisely at your business. Now is the time to stop making excuses and embrace this fleeting gift of time. 

1|  Polish Your Business

Polish your business so well that after this lockdown is over, it will shine brighter than ever. You will thank yourself in the future. Please review your online presence and especially your website and your brand messaging. It is also a great time for working remotely with your IT and design team if extra help needed. I’m here if you need help to do a free audit and identify areas that need to be improved. Use this link here to request your free audit.

Stay focused

2 |  Get Testimonials 

Reach out to past clients and ask for their referrals, so you can use these for your brand marketing. This can be done by sharing your company’s direct google business page and or your LinkedIn profiles, this can help your online profile tremendously. See the attached screenshots of these examples. And later you can copy and paste these recommendations to your website and printed marketing. See my example of how I did my printed portfolio booklet  with featured clients.  Also leave reviews to other businesses to show your support.

LinkedIn “Ask for a recommendations”

Google business review

Featured client testimonial for marketings

3 |  Practice Virtual Meetings

Practice virtual meetings using Facetime, Zoom, Skype and so that you can get comfortable next to your screen camera.

4 Embrace the Temporary Boredom

Recent studies reveal that our constant go-go-go mindsets might be hurting us more than helping us. As it turns out, when you experience the right type of boredom, you can improve productivity, creativity, and self-awareness.

Business branding tips from Joy Rahat, 

I hope you can find these tips useful.
Remember to stay safe, and healthy.

And always be JOYful!


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