Celebrating World Photography Day

Today-Thursday, August 19 we celebrate World Photography Day!

World Photo Day originated because of an invention created in 1837. Fast forward to today and cameras are everywhere.

For me the photography profession is dear to my heart and soul and I live in those moments.

Although my background is actually as a natural life photographer, I noticed every photo that had people in it. Translating their energy, presence and emotions into still images was fascinating yet challenging. That is how I become a portrait photographer.

I was attracting business women, and I was helping to create their professional headshots, business portraits even their elegant beauty and family portraits. Filling a void, I started giving free guidelines on how to use their imagery for marketing.

Today, together with my team, we are providing much bigger concepts and helping rebranding entire companies. But, visuals and portrait photography stays at the core of communication. This is where the true magic happens, where I deeply connect with a person next to my camera, gain their trust, push their vulnerability, drop the guard and then feel their energy, presence. once you find that moment, this is a pure joy….

I love my industry, my craft and my business. Thank you for your support, friendship and the trust…

Thank you everyone!

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Beauty and family portraits: https://joyrahat.com/

Joy Rahat

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