Celebrating Women Veteran Entrepreneurs

I have always been a big supporter of women-owned businesses in any size and shape, but this group we recently assembled was really special. I teamed up with the incredible Staci Redmon, CEO of SAMS Inc to produce an event to celebrate Women Veteran Entrepreneurs, the location we chose was her Washington, D.C. area headquarters office.
Staci Redmon welcoming women veterans
Staci Redmon is welcoming participants. Philanthropist | Veteran Advocate | Innovator https://staciredmon.com/
 Joy Rahat speaking to women veterans at SAMS office
Darryl Haley
Darryl Haley, a Former NFL Player Gives Back to Veterans. From the bed and breakfast he operates in Luray, Virginia, Haley bakes more than 200 cookies a month, collecting donations to help women veterans and the wives of veterans.


Michelle “G-I” Gardner-Ince, Colonel, USAF, Retired Director, Program Development & Woman Veteran Small Business Initiative Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)



Each of the women invited comes from a military background and is highly experienced in their industries. Sometimes as women we are reluctant to share our accomplishments, achievements, and uniqueness when it comes to competing in a male-dominated industry. The main goal of this particular collaborative event was to support and celebrate women veterans in business and provide them with up to date headshots for their business marketing.
The week before the event we have shared an instructional video with the group containing our top three tips for selecting camera-friendly wardrobe pieces. Everyone came well prepared (of course their military discipline insured that they would).
On the day of the event, we set up a special headshots mobile studio. We did the shoot tethered, which allowed us not only to see the light but to make adjustments. This configuration also allows me to coach our models into the perfect shot and lets them choose their images right there on the spot. We analyzed the different angles of the face to select the shots that are genuine and real.
 Once they saw the difference from pre-coaching to post coaching, trust is quickly established, and we created magic together. Showing them the amazing results in real-time wowed the group, and many felt confident instantly. For the few who may have felt very vulnerable and needed a bit more coaching, we took the time to get that perfect look and appropriate energy.
Women Veterans Headshots by Joy Rahat Branding
At the end of the event, we all took part in a group photo that to commemorate the synergy and celebration of women veterans. The printed images were gifted to each participant as a small token to thank them for their service!

Joy Rahat 

CEO & Creative Director

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